Alfe Heat Treating Expands Its Sponsorship with AJ Foyt Racing for 2012

WALLER, TX February 16, 2012 — Alfe Heat Treating returns in 2012 as an associate sponsor of AJ Foyt Racing and is increasing their involvement with the team. What began as a limited race sponsorship starting with last year’s Indianapolis 500, has evolved into a full season associate partnership this season.

“We’re going to be sponsoring the full season this year which is an exciting opportunity for us compared to last year where we only ran five races,” said Kurt Westman, president of Alfe Corporate Group. “The company, its customers and employees really enjoyed the opportunities they had to visit the team, see the car, and talk to the driver. I know they’re looking forward to more opportunities. We’re going to try and be at certain races for each of our plants and entertain customers and employees. Everybody at the company is looking forward to it, as am I.”

“It’s great that Alfe Heat Treating is back with our team this season,” said A.J. Foyt. “We really enjoyed our association with Alfe last year—they’re super people.”

“Our team is really looking forward to working with them throughout the season to make this sponsorship work as well for them as it will for us,” said Larry Foyt, team director of the ABC Supply Racing team.

Westman explained how he intended to use the sponsorship to build awareness of his company among IndyCar-related businesses.

“We’ve already made some contacts and followed up with a few of the other manufacturers that are represented here to try and improve our opportunities to expand our business,” said Westman. “I think the early indications are that it is working out very well for us. We’re going to get our sales people a lot more involved this year to help explore that opportunity as well as entertain customers as much as we can.”

Westman is using the program for his employees as well.

“As far as employee incentives, we’re going to be using at least one of the races as an incentive for our sales and marketing teams to hopefully increase sales,” he said. “We’re probably going to have them at the finale but we’re looking at a couple other options because there are a lot of great venues. To get the people to those venues, we should be able to create the incentive with our sales department to inch along the sales throughout the year instead of just one goal at the end of the season. That, I think, is going to work well for us. We’ll be entertaining some of the employees in our plants (and their families) at some of the races too.”

Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Alfe Heat Treating, Inc. is the largest commercial aluminum heat treating operation in the United States. The company operates plants throughout the Midwest and Southeast serving aerospace, automotive, military, & commercial customers with both ferrous and non-ferrous facilities. Alfe can be contacted by phone at 1-888-747-2533 or on the Web at