Good Weekend in Alabama Followed by First Test at Indy

By  A.J. Foyt

Entering Indianapolis Motor Speedway is still a thrill for me even though I’ve been doing it for almost 60 years. It’s no secret that it’s my favorite track and the Indianapolis 500 is my favorite race. We tested there on Wednesday with our ABC Supply Dallara/Honda along with three other Hondas and five Chevrolets.

Since it was the first time on the track with this new car, we played it conservative. I mainly wanted to give our driver Mike Conway some seat time because he (and his teammates) had a tough time here last year. He got 65 laps in by the time the session ended which was the second highest total for the day.

None of the cars reached the speeds we ran last year but there’s still time to find more speed in these cars. And if they don’t go as fast as last year’s cars, I think these cars will put on a good race because it looks like they can draft better.

I’m looking forward to coming back in May.

The Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama turned out to be one of best weekends overall in a long time for my ABC Supply team. We’ve had weekends where we’ve qualified well but haven’t finished or times where we didn’t qualify good but we came home with a good finish. This past weekend we qualified and finished well at a track where we couldn’t do either in the past.

And my driver Mike Conway wasn’t particularly happy where we finished, even though seventh place was his best finish there too. I like the fact that he wasn’t satisfied with the result even if I was.

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