Becky Baranouski  - Team Coordinator

Nickname: Becklett
Residence: Houston, TX
Birthplace: Monterey Park, CA
Birthday: November 15
Marital Status: Single
Son: Chris
Dogs: Daisy and Pumpkin
Shop: Travel Manager
Race Day: N/A
Started Racing: In 1991 selling IndyCar Driver trading cards at the race track, worked for Performance Investment Group (P.I.G.) Racing Indy car team in early-mid 90's and then A.J. Foyt's team.
Started with Foyt Racing: 1994-ish
Personal Note: Working with A.J. Foyt, his family and his team has been one of the greatest adventures in my life.
Interests: Traveling, Concerts, Hanging with my friends and scratching items off the bucket list.
Best memory in racing: Scoring for our Indy 500 winning car in 1999.

Andrew Copeland – Mechanic

Nickname: “Andy”
Residence: Houston, TX
Birthplace: New Orleans, LA
Birthyear: 1980
Wife: Leslie
Family: Parents, sister Christy, brother Donnie, twin brother James
Shop: General mechanic
Race Day:  Inside front tire
Started Racing: 2008
Started with Foyt Racing: 2010 
Personal Notes: Hillcrest School 1999 in Jos, Nigeria; Charleston Southern University 2003-Charleston, SC
Hobbies/Interests: F1 and pretty much any form of Motorsport, Futbol, College Football, and most any Sport. Getting together/hanging out with friends, Dining out, Trying different ethnic cuisine, Traveling, Seeing/experiencing other cultures, Strolling urban streets, Music-eclectic listener-favorite Band-“U2”
Best memory in racing: 2010 Indy 500-My first Oval and Indy 500! As a fan, I would say first time seeing Formula 1-German GP Hockenheim 2003.

Nancy Foyt – Office Manager

Residence: Hockley, Texas
Birthplace: LaMarque, Texas
Birthday: April 4
Husband: A.J. Foyt III (Tony)
Children: Tonia, Casie, A.J. IV
Shop: Office manager
Race day: N/A
Started racing: in 1992 with son Anthony
Started with Foyt Racing: 1996
Interests: My family, especially my grandchildren


Ryan Hauptstueck – Fabricator/Mechanic

Nickname: “Hop”
Residence: Cypress, Texas
Birthplace: Richmond, Indiana
Birthyear: 1981
Pets: dog “Kodiak”; cat “Marcie”
Shop: Bodywork / Carbon Repair
Race Day: Outside rear tire changer
Started Racing: 2008
Started with Foyt Racing: 2012
Hobbies/Interests: Golfing, hanging with family and friends
Best Memory in Racing: My first Indy 500 as a participant

Pat Jordan – Mechanic

Residence: Cypress, Texas
Birthplace: Vancouver, Wash.
Birthyear: 1961
Marital Status: Single
Daughters: Crystal and Shanise
Grand Daughter: Dakota
Shop: Rear end mechanic
Race Day: Fueler
Started Racing: 1996: Midgets and Silver Crown cars, Indy cars 1998
Started with Foyt Racing: 2007-2008; 2011
Personal Notes: Have been fortunate to race with and work for (A.J.) some of the greats in open wheel racing.
Hobbies/Interests: Mountain biking, jet skiing, hunting, snow skiing
Best memory in racing: 3 wins with Al Unser Jr. and winning pitstop competition & being runner-up in it a couple of times at Indy.

Rodney Klausmeyer – Transporter Driver

Nickname: "Arc" or "Rod Dog"
Residence: Hempstead, Texas
Birthplace: Hempstead, Texas
Birthyear: 1963
Wife: Veronica
Children: Rachel, Sarah, Emily, Miah
Race day: Stop sign
Started racing: 1998
Started with Foyt Racing: 1998 
Interests: Spending time with my family, History, boating, hunting, fishing, camping
Personal notes: Became interested in racing after doing the electrical work in Foyt's race shop in Waller, Texas.
Best memory in racing: "Bubble Day at 2000 Indy 500"

Brent Nedbalek – Chief Pilot

Residence: Snook, Texas
Birthplace: Brenham, Texas
Birthyear: 1983
Wife: Amanda
Son: Greyson, Lawson
Shop: Maintains airplanes
Started Racing: 2008
Started with Foyt Racing: 2008
Personal Notes: Graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in Business Administration; is a commercial pilot and aviation airframe/powerplant mechanic.
Interests: Aviation, flying and working on airplanes, watching the Astros, fishing, building gas model airplanes, playing the guitar and traveling in a B55 Baron when my partner lets me!

Ronnie Schultz –  Subassemblies

Residence: Waller, Texas
Birthplace: Houston, Texas
Birthyear: 1959
Children: Rebecca, Robin, Ryan
Shop Duty: Subassemblies
Race day duty: Tire management
Started racing: 1978
Started racing with Foyt: 2003
Interests: Computers, horses, fishing, hunting, electronics
Personal Notes: Began working as a mechanic for his uncle Walter Schultz on the NHRA and IHRA drag racing circuit. Switched careers when he began working with his uncle Bob Schultz who trained horses.
Best memory in racing: My first 500 in 2003 and this year because we are going to kick ass.

Thomas Semik II – Mechanic

Nickname: Mouse
Residence: Cypress, Texas
Birthplace: Detroit, MI
Birthyear: 1972
Marital status: Single
Race day: Outside front tire changer
Started racing: 1990
Started with Foyt Racing: 2009 
Personal notes: Attended Mechanic school at Russell Racing (1991 – 1992), became Instructor at Russell Racing School 1993-1995, Full-time mechanic started 1999 - present
Interests: Home improvement projects, lots of running, walking / playing with my dog Jasmine, collecting movies.
Best memory in racing: Working with the Rusport team including driver - Justin Wilson. Winning first race - Rusport - while doing "air jack" during pit stops


Part Time Crew


Larry Arnold – Spotter

Nickname: 'G' (middle name is Glenn)
Residence: Zionsville, IN
Birthplace: Princeton, IN
Birthyear: 1944
Wife: Sara
Started Racing: In 1983 - Gohr Racing with Steve Chassey as driver-finished 11th in '83 Indy 500 with stock-block Chevy engine
Years in racing: 23 years
Started with Foyt: 2004
Personal Notes: Retired as an executive from Bristol-Myers Squibb after 30 years
Interests: Golf, Racing (Indy cars), Reading
Best memory in racing: Finishing 2nd in the 1999 Indy 500 with Jeff Ward (2nd to A.J.'s winning car) and finishing 5th in 1987 Indy 500 with Gary Bettenhausen



Cecil Taylor – Tire Tech

Nickname: 'Junior' (when I'm in trouble with my wife)
Residence: Kansas City, MO
Birthplace: Kansas City, MO
Birthyear: 1929
Wife: Patricia
Started racing: In 1946 helping Emil Snyder work on his midgets
Started with Foyt: 1966
Race day duty: Tire management
Personal Notes: "I feel very lucky to have been with A.J. all these years."
Interests: Racing, custom cars, electronics
Best memory in racing: Winning Indy with Parnelli Jones in 1963 and with A.J. Foyt in 1977 for his fourth win.