Takuma Sato: Up Close & Personal

Personal Car: Acura ZDX (U.S.A.), Honda BEAT (Japan), Classic MINI (Monaco)

Favorite Hobby: Cycling

Favorite Music: Pop, R&B, Jazz

Heroes: Ayrton Senna

Favorite vacation spot: Izu Peninsula

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite food: Marinated flank steak; Sato pork chops

Favorite drink: Japanese Sake and Wine

Favorite dessert: Sue’s key lime pie

Favorite movie: Man on Fire

Favorite actor/actress: Nicolas Cage

Favorite sport (other than racing) to watch on TV: Cycling

Favorite Race Tracks (& Why): Indianapolis Motor Speedway, The fastest track

Favorite restaurant: Fogo De Chao

Favorite holiday: White beaches, blue sky and blue sea

Favorite present received (ever): Bicycle

Favorite season (besides ‘racing season’): Autumn

Your answering machine message: Don’t have one

Oldest thing in your refrigerator: No idea!

Pets: Used to have birds, a chicken, a rabbit, cats and a dog.

Something you do before every race: Massage

Most interesting fact about your career: Start racing when I was university student.

Something most people don't know about you: Not very good at packing!

Who would you like to have dinner with: Steve Jobs

Quality you value most in others: honesty, loyalty, humor

What you'd be if you weren't a race driver: Pilot

How you got started in racing: Suzuka Racing School

How you relax at the race track: Sleep

How you spend your spare time: Usually fixing something

Greatest Fear: Lose health

Secret Wish: Well, that’s a secret...

Awards: British AUTOSPORTS Award “National Driver of the Year”, Italian award “Confartigianato Motori”, French award “L’Automobile”, JAF award “Motorsport Special Prize”, F1 Racing Magazine “Overtake of the Year”, “Personalty of the Year”,  Honorary Citizen of Machida. etc...

Most proud accomplishment: Macau GP, won it when you really had no other choice because I already grabbed a F1 seat so I didn’t have to take a part of it but I wanted win there.

Best advice your mother ever gave you: Remind your gratitude.

Greatest influence on/in your life: Japanese GP in 1987

What you like most about yourself: Positive Attitude

Most thrilling experience in a race car: Last 6 laps of the 2012 Indy 500

Most thrilling experience outside of a racecar: Scuba diving at Maldives

Toughest part of your job: Constant traveling

Your highest goal in racing: Winning Indy 500 and Series

What would a successful life look like to you? Having good friends, happy family, be able to challenge something you’re interested in, decent income!