Wade: Up Close

Personal Vehicles:

Mercedes CLK 500, 1970 Triumph Bonneville bobber

Favorite Hobby:


Favorite Music:



James Hunt

Favorite vacation spot:

Anywhere on a warm beach

Favorite color:


Favorite food:

dirty Chinese carry out

Favorite drink:

diet Coke

Favorite dessert:

Creme Brûlée

Favorite book:

Less Than Zero -Brett Easton Ellis

Favorite movie:

American Psycho

Favorite TV show:

Mad Men, Tosh.0

Favorite sport (other than racing) to watch on TV:


Favorite Race Tracks (& why):

Indianapolis - really? Watkins Glen - because the track remains true to a past era, there is no run off and the track is enclosed in Armco barrier. It separates those who are truly committed from those who aren't.

Favorite restaurant:

Acadia in Chicago

Favorite holiday:

Christmas, I spend it in NZ where it's summer; followed closely by Halloween (because it's awesome)

Favorite present received (ever):

Isn't it the thought that counts?

Favorite season (besides ‘racing season’):

Don't have one

Your answering machine message:

The generic AT&T message

Oldest thing in your refrigerator:

The shelves?

Pets (names & ages):

‘Tigger’, 2 (F2 Savannah); ‘Bruce’, 6 (second hand cat); ‘Oscar’ 1.5, (rescue dog, Wheaty Poo).

Something you do before every race:

I always clean and prepare my own helmets.

Most interesting fact about your career:

I had never wanted a career in motorsport until after I had won the World Karting Championship in 2003, I raced for the spirit of competition.

AmbitionQuality you value most in others:
Your first job:

Worked at a kart shop in Auckland, NZ

What you'd be if you weren't a race driver:

Something in the construction industry.

How you got started in racing:

My dad's business was on the same street as the local kart track. It was inevitable.

How you relax at the race track:

I like to spend time with my friends and talk about anything other than racing

How you spend your spare time:

training, traveling, dining with friends, caring for a household of needy pets.

Greatest Fear:

That I won't achieve enough in life.

Most proud accomplishment:

Becoming a World Champion.


Greatest influence on/in your life:

My family.

Most thrilling experience in a race car:

The strategy I used in the 2009 Freedom 100 to set up JR Hildebrand

Most thrilling experience outside of a racecar:

Nothing compares.

Toughest part of your job:


The part where I am not racing full time.

Your highest goal in racing:

Winning at Indianapolis (for real)

What would a successful life look like to you?

Being able to move on in life after a successful career in racing without any regrets