Notes & Quotes: Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

March 6, 2019

A.J. FOYT returns to the track to watch his team compete for the first time since the Kohler Grand Prix at Road America on June 24, 2018. He underwent back surgery in July, after which he incurred his third staph infection, causing him to miss the rest of the season. We asked him a few questions…


Q: How are you feeling?

AJ: “I feel pretty good. I’m gaining every day. I’m not a hundred percent but I’m a good eighty-five or ninety (percent).”


Q: Have you had any close calls in the off season?

AJ: “Oh yeah! (laughs) A couple weeks ago, I was going to get on my 'dozer and move a tree, and another guy said, ‘I’ll do it for you A.J.’ I said okay because I was doing some other stuff. Then I saw that bees attacked him. I was in another tractor with a closed cab and saw them chasing him and he was slapping at them and going backwards to get away. And I thought, Man I’m glad I’m not in that one. He got stung pretty good—his face was swollen and he got a black eye. He was lucky they were honey bees, not killer bees, because he could get away from them. I felt sorry for him.”


Q: Did you go swimming with your bulldozer again?

AJ: “Well, a couple months ago I was digging on the edge of this pond at one of my ranches and the dozer just slipped down. It was real muddy and I tried to go faster to get up and out but the machine just slipped further down. So I stopped before the whole thing went under. I had to have two guys help pull me out because I was in quicksand, I couldn’t climb out myself—and I lost a shoe.”