Interview with an AJFR twentysomething: Nate Boysen

May 14, 2019

 Nate Boysen, 23, joined AJ Foyt Racing mid-season last year after earning his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Hope College. This is the second in a series of four interviews with our twentysomethings. We asked him a few questions…


Q: What is your job at AJ Foyt Racing?

“I work alongside Warren Wilson in the Damper Department where I build and prepare each shock that goes out on the cars. I work with the engineers to develop damper curves and act as a historian for all the shock related information so that in the future we can replicate any damper from any race. During race weekends I adjust damper settings in practice sessions and assist in the pit lane wherever I am able.”


Q: How did you get started at your position?

“You could say the stars aligned at the right time for me to get into racing and onto this team. I had just graduated school with my Mechanical Engineering degree and was looking for employment. Through a friend of my father’s, who is also a friend of A.J.’s, I had an interview during qualifying for the 500 last year, and here I am! I’ve been an avid race fan and car guy pretty much my whole life. I got started young thanks to my Dad, but never did I think I would work for an IndyCar team right out of school!”


Q: Greatest thrill of your job?

“The greatest thrill for me is to see such a wonderful example of engineering go around the track with the help of dampers that I tuned and built!”


Q: What may surprise people about you and/or what your responsibilities entail?