Notes & Quotes: DXC Technology 600 at Texas Motor Speedway

June 4, 2019


TONY KANAAN will make his 369th Indy car start at Texas Motor Speedway which ties A.J. Foyt’s Indy car career total starts. We asked the 2004 INDYCAR champion and 2013 Indianapolis 500 winner a few questions…


Q: When you started racing as a youth, did you envision your career path?

TK: “I was so young, I don’t think I thought how far I would go. To me, it was always just having the pleasure and the fun to become a professional race car driver. The way my life went after I lost Dad, I could never really have the luxury to say, Oh I want to be an Indy car driver, I want to be a NASCAR driver. I said I wanted to be a professional race car driver and make a living out of racing, and that’s how I conducted my entire career. If then I was going to be driving a sprint car or a go-kart and still be able to make a living, that’s how I envisioned my career.”



Q: Why did you decide on Indy Lights and INDYCAR?

TK: “As my career progressed, I decided I wanted to be an open wheel race car driver. I remembered watching the Indy 500 since the A.J. days, and it was always a race that I wanted to be part of so that’s why. When the opportunity was presented to me, I said, Oh this is it. That’s when I think I said, Now I’m going to do everything I can to become an Indy car driver.”


Q: How difficult was it to race on ovals in the beginning?

TK: “It was very difficult, especially the first three years. The first two years in Indy Lights helped me a lot but my first year in INDYCAR, I really, re