Notes & Quotes: Honda Indy Toronto

July 9, 2019

 Alejandro (Alex) Diaz became involved in auto racing after four years of working as an engineer in the automotive industry in Detroit. Finishing his post graduate work at the University of Michigan, Diaz had earned his B.S. in mechanical engineering from Florida International University. A Miami native, Diaz recalled: “One early memory (of racing) was attending the 2002 CART Indy car series race in downtown Miami. Seeing the cars run through the streets of Miami and hearing the sounds echoing off the buildings… I was in love.” We asked him a few questions…


How did you get involved in racing? Where did it start for you?

AD: “Good question, I’ve just always loved cars, and I was ‘cursed’ with the car obsession at a very young age. One of my life goals was to work on cool stuff, whatever it would be, just be able to wake up every morning happy to go to ‘work.’ To create a life working on fast cars. IndyCar seems to be doing that for me at the moment.”


What does your job as a support engineer entail?

AD: “Just as it reads, support all engineering aspects of our operations, from design work, to car performance and testing. You must be very dynamic, creative and be ready to solve any problem… Never a dull moment.”


How long have you been an assistant engineer?

AD: “I’m in my second year as an assistant.”


What do you do on race day?

AD: “Well by race day, things slow down a bit, which is nice because it gives you a chance to breathe and prepare for the actual race, fuel strategy, race strategy…etc. Also, some race days we are already preparing for the next race/test day. Keeping an eye on car performance and running fuel strategy are really two of the main tasks during a race.”