Notes & Quotes: Iowa 300

July 16, 2019


Andrew Copeland joined AJ Foyt Racing in 2010 as a mechanic. He currently works on the No. 4 ABC Supply Chevrolet driven by Matheus Leist. We asked him a few questions…


Where were you born and raised?

AC: “I was born in New Orleans where my Dad was attending seminary at the time. About a year later, in December 1980, my family moved to Nigeria where my parents served as missionaries. From 1980-1999 I spent most of my childhood growing up in Nigeria and some years in South Carolina, where my parents are from, as we traveled back and forth. Growing up overseas is something I look back at with fond memories. I really enjoyed my childhood and International school. I got to meet and grow up with a lot of special people and see a lot of neat and beautiful places!”

How did you get involved in racing? Where did it start for you? 

AC: “In my college years, I started to become more and more interested in Motorsports. Having always liked “hands on” kind of work I did woodworking/cabinetry after college for a few years. Then in 2007, I decided to attend the Jim Russell racing school in Sonoma, California.  At 27 years old, I already had some regrets in life, so not wanting to be stuck indoors or in a “cubical office” my whole life I decided to pursue a job in Motorsports.”

 What is your job and what does it entail? 

AC: “Front end mechanic.  I work mostly from the cockpit forward and am responsible for that part of the car.” 


What do you do on race day? 

AC: “On race day I change the inside rear tire on the 4 car.”