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Please send all fan mail and autograph requests to:


AJ Foyt Racing

19480 Stokes Rd.

Waller, TX 77484

Attn: Autographs

We want to honor autograph requests from all of our team’s fans but due to the large number of requests received (especially for our Legend-in-Residence), we need to set a few guidelines.​

All requests, large or small, must include a self-addressed stamped envelope or proper packaging for larger items with adequate return postage if you want us to return your item to you. Otherwise, thank you in advance for the gift! 


1.    For autographed hero cards we must limit it to one autograph each of the drivers and A.J. Foyt per person and/or address.


2.    For books, magazines, trading cards and photographs, please don’t send any items in these categories larger than 11” x 17” in size. Please do not send in posters, helmets, visors or Le Mans-related materials as these items will not be autographed by A.J. due to his personal reasons. Larger items such as model cars, car parts and other memorabilia will be autographed if adequate return postage and packaging is included. Only one item per person and/or address please.   

3.    For items to be autographed for fundraisers and charitable events, please allow a minimum of eight (8) weeks to process your request. We do not guarantee returns by a specific deadline but we will make every effort to meet it. Please include adequate return postage and self-addressed packaging.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH OR CHECKS TO PAY FOR POSTAGE. We accept only U.S. postage stamps, prepaid Fed-Ex or UPS labels. For International mail, please purchase International or U.S. postage/stamps for return postage. WE NO LONGER ACCEPT INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE COUPONS. If you send your items with cash or International coupons it will not be returned.

IMPORTANT: A.J. Foyt Enterprises is not responsible for any lost, missing, damaged or unreturned items. If sending anything of particularly high monetary or sentimental value, please utilize a tracking number via USPS, UPS, or FED-EX both incoming and outgoing as an added assurance to track the location of your items. As a further measure, we suggest you consider purchasing shipping insurance for your package.

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